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As a young boy I always had a fascination with the white tail deer. I didn’t come from a hunting family, so my opportunity to be in the outdoors was limited. However, I would daydream about being in the outdoors hunting white tail bucks.

So finally at the age of 36, I decided to buy a bow and two stands, and then I headed off into the woods with a friend. I had a difficult time hanging the stands level in the crooked trees (my friend even fell out of his stand one day). From that point on I wanted to come up with an adaptable stand that would make hunting from the trees safer and comfortable. After a short time I came up with a stand that I called the Buckfinder, it was very versatile, but it still had to many moving parts. A short time later I made the stand simpler, overnight go as planned, the Buckfinder faded from the industry but not from my heart.

Time went by; I was ready to bring the most versatile treestand back to the market. With new business partners and a new name – Twisted Timber Treestands, LLC , I am committed to build treestands that work where hunters need them.

Twisted Timber Treestands are built by a hunter for a hunters to give you the performance, the quality and the safety in you want in a treestands.


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