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I was introduced to Twisted Timber just last year and I absolutely love there stands! They allow me to hunt in so many places I hadn’t been able to before. So many times you have the perfect spot, and don’t have the perfect tree, Twisted Timber allows you to hunt the perfect spot with imperfect trees. The perfect spot may have a crooked tree, a leaning tree, a twisted fork and with Twisted Timber, I can get a good level, safe set in any situation! I am definitely glad I have them added to my arsenal when hunting big mature bucks!! Thanks again Twisted Timber!!
-Mark Wimpy


I still haven’t found a tree where my twisted timber stands haven’t worked. I can’t imagine trying to hunt without my Twisted Timber Stands!
-Richie Wilhelm


I hunt extensively in Africa and have taken over 140 species with a bow in over a dozen African countries. I have always had Buckfinder Treestands with me on every safari. Unfortunately my last Buckfinder got lost in Transit on one of my last trips.  What a great relief it was to recently find that the brainchild behind those stands is back with Twisted Timber Treestands. I have tried them all and I can say that having used treestands in virtually every type of terrain, from tropical rainforest to desert savannah, that the Twisted Timber is the only stand I will use. It is worth carting with me all over the African continent.  They make any tree usable for a stand site. We have very few straight trees in Africa and with my Twisted Timber Treestand I dont have to search out the straight tree for a conventional stand. I find the best spot and my stand adapts to any tree nearby. I would not go on safari without it- it is one of my most important pieces of hunting gear.  Thank you for producing such a great product!
-Steve Kobrine

I’ve been using the Big Bruiser Twisted Timber stands now for 2 years. I have 22 of them. They have allowed me to hunt places that I’ve never been able to hunt before. They will fit any tree. They are easy to put up. They are very comfortable to sit for an all day hunt. I will never buy another brand of tree stand.
-Keith Merritt


I found this spot way off the beaten trail where there was a lot of deer activity, it was so easy to carry the trail criuser back there in knee high snow. I would have been so tired if i used any other tree stand. It alowed me to set up on a heavy used highway for deer. I hung it in about five minutes. after I got settled in I had deer coming by all day till about five o’clock when this ten pointer came in with about seventeen does, the trail cruiser never made a sound to alarm them, while i was there. It was nice and level and sturdy, i felt really safe on this tree stand.


Just put my new stands up this weekend. They are everything I had hoped for and well worth the price. I had my doubts, but, boy did you prove me wrong! Awesome treestands that are rock solid in a twisted timber that is pretty much unforgivable on all other tree stands. Can’t wait to get hunting!    Thanks again.
-D Ellis

The Twisted Timber Treestand is the best you’ll ever spend hard-earned money on! Besides its ability to be placed level on every tree in the woods, the platform has substantial foot room and the seat is both comfortable and adjusts for level. These stands are simple to install, quiet when in used during cold weather, and incredibly solid. Tired of cheaply built treestands that last a year or two…then try a Twisted Timber and you won’t be satisfied with anything less!
-Les Davenport

I hunt eastern Iowa farmland filled with various draws and creeks that do not always offer up the best trees to hang stands.  The Big Bruiser has eliminated that problem.  With this stand, I can place the stand where I want it and how I want it, to give me the best angle to the deer trails.  No longer do I have to compromise the best location by looking for a straight tree.  After I saw how easy it was to hang the Big Bruiser, I had them send me another one.


I hunted in three different states this year and with the twisted timber treestands it allowed me to hang and hunt, and i didnt have to do alot of prescouting so it minimized my time in the woods possibly spooking deer!  they allowed me to be in the trees i needed to be in this fall and I harvested my two best bucks ever!  Great stands in all aspects.

One day my cousin and I were out in the woods trying to hang his stand. It was taking such a long time to hold the stand, tighten the ratchet, and keep the stand level but we soon got it after about twenty minutes. He was just getting ready to step on when the stand kicked out. It felt like such a waste of time. So we took it down I went up and got my twisted timber trail cruiser and we had it hung within five minutes. It’s such an easy stand to hang and it’s the best stand I’ve ever used.


We are out of Northwest Wyoming and hunt Cottonwood and Russian olive river bottoms. We couldn’t hunt ninety percent of the tree locations if it were not for the Twisted Timber Stands we use. Excellent product fits in any  tree of any size quiet and solid. those who say the other stands will work as well are having pipe dreams. Come on out here and we’ll see who kills the big white tail ghosts.The set up is fast and quiet a must have when you are almost in their bedrooms setting up. five stands we have purchased enough to last us   untill the last Whitetail is extinct!
-Steve , Steven,  Erik  Bassett

My 10 year old son and I went to hang a TTT stand around 10:00 Sunday morning after an uneventful morning hunt on a different farm. This set has been a problem for the 3 years I have hunted it…triple locust tree and not a straight board foot on it. I had the stand hung in less than five minutes. We left that farm at 11:30 and got back out there around 4:45. Situated in the tree at 5:05 according to my trail camera. A small buck passed through within 10 minutes. At 6:05 I spotted this very nice buck heading towards our plot. At 6:08 right in front of two trail cams, my son fired his muzzleloader. The buck ran around 85 yards and piled up.  I posted to Facebook yesterday too. I had a feeling we would be in the action based on the past 16 days of trail pics we seen at 10am yesterday.


I still haven’t found a tree where my twisted timber stands haven’t worked. I can’t imagine trying to hunt without my twisted timber stands!
– Richie Wilhelm


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